mother and daughter photoshoot at the confetti fields

Mother and daughter photoshoot | Confetti Fields photography

The confetti fields, based just down the road from Pershore, Worcestershire, are a riot of colour and a real treat for the senses.

Getting more famous every year, they are one of the best locations in the UK (I think!) for stunning, iconic images. I love having the opportunity to run photoshoots here, whether that’s with couples, families, children or parents and children, such as this mother and daughter photoshoot here.

I feel that after the last 18 months we’ve had, these photoshoots are even more special – giving you the chance to get your family together and create ever-lasting memories for you all to treasure forever. Fingers crossed we won’t have to spend any more time cooped up in our homes, but it would be a little bit sweeter if there were some beautiful family photos around, don’t you think?

At the end of June, Ilona booked a mother and daughter photoshoot at the Confetti fields with her one-year-old, Mollie, and what a blast we had! The sun was just about shining, and with it being a weekday, was a little quieter than at weekends, meaning we had more time to spend capturing moments and playing in the fields.  

Mollie looked adorable in her pale yellow dress and flowery cardi – a perfect match against the confetti colours. To make it even more complete, Ilona had bought matching flower crowns for them both to wear – absolutely gorgeous for their mother and daughter photoshoot and really picking up the colours of the blooms.

We explored the tall fields full of purples and pinks, as well as moving to the poppy field which is an added treat, near the entrance, giving us varied backdrops of the shoot.

See some of my favourite images from the photoshoot below, and drop us a message if this is something you’d like to consider for your family, no matter how big or small!